The summer break is time for relaxing. But did you know, many serious incidents occur during the extended public holiday stretch? In 2015, injuries during the holidays included fairy light-related accidents and burns.

Now, those were situations where people were actively involved. What about those that could happen passively? If your office building or the premises you manage experienced an emergency during the holiday shutdown, are you prepared?

If you answered no, don’t fret. We’ve rounded up our top four tips on how to keep your building or premises fire-safe even while unattended.

Reduce fire hazards

Once the festivities are over in the building, it’s a good idea to take down any decorations. Particularly fairy lights, as these could cause a serious fire hazard. You should also remove any paper or cardboard decorations while premises are unattended for a long period.

Also, it’s a good idea to shut off power to non-essential electrical equipment. This may include lighting, computers and air conditioning.

Conduct fire equipment checks

Before leaving your building unattended, make sure you check all fire protection equipment. Do you have access to the latest inspection report from your fire safety provider? It’s best to identify any critical defects before heading off for the holidays. These defects impede the system from functioning correctly in case of a fire. Remember, your systems are only as good as the condition you maintain them.

Keep emergency contact details handy

We hope you never need to use these, but if the worse happens, you want to be ready. So, make sure that you and principal occupants of your premises (like office managers and business owners) know who to call if a problem arises. This could include emergency numbers for plumbers, electricians and locksmiths. Don’t forget to add your fire safety provider too. If you’re with Global Fire, we respond to all calls 24/7, even on public holidays.

Know your emergency plan

Emergency plans might seem like something of very little use, but when caught in a terrible spot, it could save you. Don’t rely on your usual evacuation plan as that only helps when you’re inside the building. Instead, create a simple plan of what to do if something happens while you are away from the building. Review your emergency plan before the break so that if an incident occurs, you know how to respond.

If your building is not connected to a fire monitoring system, it could take the fire brigade a long time to respond to a fire. Speak to a professional fire safety provider, such as Global Fire, to assess and advice on your best options for fire monitoring.

Another vital component of your plan is insurance. Before clocking out for the summer break, check what you’re covered for and whether your insurance is up to date.

So, make your holiday a truly relaxing one by securing your building’s fire safety over the break.

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