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What building managers must know about winter fire safety

Fires occur all year round, however, they are much more common when the temperature dips during the cooler months.  This is because many people spend more time indoors cooking and using electrical appliances such as space heaters and electric blankets. 

Fire protection, what your business must know!

You never think a devastating event will happen to your business, but nobody is immune from the threat of fire. Preparing your business to survive such an event is vital whether you’re a small family-run business or a company with

Hazardous chemicals at work, how to avoid a fire

Do you have hazardous chemicals at work? Many businesses deal with highly flammable substances such as petrol, ethanol, methylated spirits, nail polish remover, and even hand sanitizer.  If exposed to flames, electricity, or industrial heat, any of these chemicals could

Office fire safety, have you done enough?

A company office space may not seem like a dangerous fire zone, however office fires can be caused by faulty electronics or wiring, old heating systems or they may even be deliberately lit.  Fire can quickly get out of control,

Fire safety for high rise buildings – are you prepared?

Fire safety in high-rise buildings has gained much attention over the years.  Sadly, events like the Grenfell Tower incident, where 72 people were killed in a blaze in west London, show how horrific it can be when fire safety is

5 critical things restaurant owners must know about fire safety

If you work in the hospitality industry, it won’t come as a surprise that restaurants, cafes, and catering businesses are at high risk of fire. That's because hot surfaces, open flames, and unattended cooking in the kitchen are close

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