Need an experienced team to look after your new installation or existing fire system?

Why choose Global Fire?

Our customers enjoy top-notch service, including:



Let’s talk about your new project

Trust us to plan the fire safety component for your new project. Global Fire can help you create a system that meets your requirements.

As competent fire safety practitioners (CFSP), you can rest easy knowing we design and build according to industry standards.



We’ll set-up your new system

Our team knows the importance of working closely with builders and contractors to achieve a great result. We also understand the fire safety challenges different sites face.

Whether your building is commercial or residential, we’ll help you set-up a system that meets your needs.



We’ll handle your routine inspection and service

We cover all areas of routine fire safety, including your Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS). Talk to us about fire pump servicing, flow testing (for sprinkler, hydrant and hose reel systems) and inspecting all fire safety equipment.

Because different fire safety systems require checks at different stages, we simplify routine inspections by managing the entire process for you.



Professional help when you need it

Entrust your routine fire safety inspection with us and protect your system from premature failure. Our FPAS qualified professionals will identify all repairs and preventative maintenance required.

Plus, our customers enjoy 24/7 service via our 1300 88 70 18 emergency line.

High-quality products

Global Fire supply, maintain and repair a wide range of top-quality fire protection equipment and systems. These include: