In the world of fire safety, very few features distinguish one service provider from another. If you think about it, most if not all provide the same products and services. How can you be sure you’re working with a provider who offers the best value?

The answer matters because fire safety is a considerable investment for businesses, facility managers and building owners. Consider, fire costs the Australian economy approximately $8.4 billion annually. That includes components such as fire safety equipment, fire safety measures in buildings, maintenance and insurance.

So, to get the most out of your fire protection investment, you need to receive reliable, top-notch service from your safety provider. Here are five services to look for:

  • After hours emergency support

    Often, issues with your fire safety system will occur outside of office hours. Without 24/7 emergency support, problems don’t get fixed immediately, and you could end up leaving yourself exposed to fire danger. In the event of a false alarm, the fire brigade will only isolate the source of the issue, leaving that area unprotected until your fire safety provider arrives to fix it.

  • Inspection alerts and reminders

    Fire inspection and testing require a lot of organisation. Building owners or facility managers need to ensure building occupants are well informed about upcoming inspections as it may cause disruption.

    With advance notice, in the form of reminders or SMS alerts, you can plan and prepare so that testing and inspections can be carried out smoothly with minimal impact on building occupants.

  • Early booking for inspections

    Our busy lives mean we juggle many priorities. Being present for a fire inspection is just one more appointment tenants need to squeeze into their already jam-packed day. Some prefer to have their inspections done while they are still at home in the morning. Giving tenants the option to book a fire inspection timeslot early in the day is good — online booking for an early appointment is even better.

  • Access to your latest test results

    As fire safety is a significant investment, it’s good to stay on top of the condition of your fire system. Having access to your latest test results gives you visibility on whether your system was inspected to the rigorous Australian testing standards. It also helps if the test results are available digitally — it means no need to search for forms or log books physically.

  • Fast and secure annual fire safety statement (AFSS) issuance and processing

    Submitting your fire safety statements to the local council on time is an essential part of safety compliance. Plus, late submissions incur a hefty fine. The entire process can be time-consuming as it involves many different contractors signing off on different fire measures.

    Does your fire service provider ensure that you receive your fire safety statement ready for submission? It can be a tedious (and sometimes costly) task to chase after other contractors to complete your fire safety statement on time. Avoid unnecessary delays and extra work by selecting a fire service provider who takes care of the entire fire safety statement approval process.

Put your investment on fire safety to good use. Find a fire service provider who offers all the standard services and more. That way you’ll spend less time dealing with fire safety matters and earn more time to focus on your business.

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