As fire safety regulations continue to change, compliance-conscious building managers or owners, like you, are always looking for ways to improve the fire protection of your property. While it’s crucial to arm yourself with a professional fire safety provider, it’s just as vital that you understand the ins and outs of your systems. That’s why there’s a lot of value in knowing where you can get reliable information.

It makes sense since you would never want to be caught unaware when it comes to whether or not your fire safety provider sticks to the standards. In a similar way that you would always arm yourself with an understanding of what is required in the maintenance of your car, so should you stay informed when it comes to your fire safety systems.

The good news is that there are many resources available on fire safety – and the best part is that it’s free.

We’ve listed our top five free resources:

  • Fire and Rescue NSW: Building Fire Safety page

    If your property is based in NSW, then there is essential information on this page for you. It contains building fire safety resources for various categories, including compliance and regulation, and business-specific information.

    You’ll also be able to catch-up on the latest building fire safety news when you visit the Fire and Rescue NSW Building Fire Safety page.

  • Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA): News page

    Another excellent source of relevant information for fire safety professionals is the news section of the FPAA website.

    It primarily covers updates on regulations and compliance at a technical level. However it is an excellent reference for building owners and managers who want to ensure they operate following best practice. In fact, you can even check via the FPAA website if your fire safety provider meets the minimum requirements for CFSP future accreditation via the Interim Fire Safety Assessor Register.

  • Australian Building Codes Board: Resource Library

    The Australian Building Codes Board has dedicated an entire section of its resource library solely on fire safety information. There you will find handbooks, case studies, tools and calculators, plus videos and other publications.

    It’s an excellent source for practical and actionable information when it comes to keeping your building safe from fires.

  • AFAC News: YouTube channel

    If you’re also interested in keeping up to date on the latest when it comes to fire protection on a larger scale, then this is a great resource. While not specifically dealing with building fire safety alone, it covers big-picture topics and features forward thinkers in the fire safety industry. Most of the AFAC TV videos are no more than five minutes long, so it’s the perfect quick content source.

  • Your fire safety provider

    Sometimes your question might be too specific for any of the resources above to provide you with a good answer. That’s where a good working relationship with your fire provider can help. Are you able to simply pick up the phone and get their expert advice to assist you? You must work with a provider who is there to help, even if they are just available to respond to questions.

Never get left without an answer! Keep these five resources handy and always have the latest information on fire safety when you need it.

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