Cover-ups. Two words that usually imply something wrong – not when it comes to stopping fires though. For some flames, the best way to extinguish it is to suffocate it, hence covering it up. That’s what fire blankets do best.

So, should a fire blanket be part of your suite of fire safety equipment? How do you use a fire blanket? What sort of maintenance does this equipment need?

We’ve got the answers to those questions and more in our list of four important facts about fire blankets.

  • Fact 1: Fire blankets are the best option for Class F type fires

    Because there are six classes of fires based on the fuel that it burns, there are also several options for putting out each type. It is vital for your safety and to effectively stop the fire that you use the right kind of equipment.

    Class F fires burn flammable liquids, specifically cooking oils and fats such as those found in deep fryers. For this reason, water is not the right choice for killing the fire as the stream of water could spread the flames rather than stop it. Fire extinguishers with certain chemicals are also not the best choice as these chemicals can contaminate kitchen areas with substances not safe for human consumption.

    Fire blankets, on the other hand, are made of fire-resistant fibres designed to starve the fire of oxygen.

  • Fact 2: Fire blankets aren’t just useful in the kitchen

    While smaller fire blankets are typically found in kitchens, larger ones are also in use in laboratories and factories where fires from cooking oils may occur.

    If your business operates in the retail food industry, then you must have fire blankets located within the cooking area or commercial kitchen you use.

    It is also recommended that fire blankets be made available on boats, caravans and garages.

  • Fact 3: Fire blankets are not reusable and require regular checks

    You can only use a fire blanket once. After it has been used, you will need it replaced.

    Your fire safety provider must also check the condition of your fire blankets as part of your regular inspections. While fire blankets have a long shelf life, it is always best to ensure that they are in good working condition should you ever need to use it.

    Also, it helps to check that the fire blankets have the Australian Standard symbol on the packaging – which means it is safe to use and approved according to standard.

  • Fact 4: Use fire blankets to stop clothing fires

    If a person’s clothes are set alight, you can use a fire blanket to stop the flames.

    Here are a few simple steps to follow:

    • First, protect your hands by rolling the blanket over them.
    • Then wrap the person with the fire blanket until the fire is completely covered.
    • With the blanket covering the person, instruct them to drop to the floor and roll around to extinguish the fire.

    While these steps will help prevent serious injury, it is always best to contact emergency services on 000 as soon as possible.

Stay aware of the most important facts about fire blankets. It could be the missing piece to complete your set of fire safety equipment for your business.

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