A company office space may not seem like a dangerous fire zone, however office fires can be caused by faulty electronics or wiring, old heating systems or they may even be deliberately lit.  Fire can quickly get out of control, especially without the right fire prevention strategy and tools.   So, is your office really prepared for a fire? Do you have the right fire equipment? Have you got an evacuation plan?  Let’s consider some important equipment and strategies you need to include in your office fire safety tool kit.

Have the right fire safety equipment

Fire alarms are a given requirement for every commercial space but depending on the size and purpose of the workspace, other types of fire equipment may also be necessary. This might include the following:

Fire extinguishers

If used right, fire extinguishers are an important arsenal in your office fire safety tool kit. Make sure your office workers are properly trained in their use,  otherwise they could cause more harm than good.  Consider also if you have enough fire extinguishers available, and that they are routinely serviced every six months. They also need to be pressure tested and refilled every five years or after each use. Some extinguishers may need to be checked more frequently especially those exposed to contaminants or damage.


These are triggered when the temperature reaches approximately 68 degrees Celsius, they help extinguish fires, preventing them from spreading and destroying buildings.

Fire sprinkler systems require monthly testing. For sprinkler systems to function, they must work together with other components of your fire safety system, such as pump sets, water storage tanks and even the fire indicator panel. These components by themselves also require separate regular inspections.

Speak to a professional fire safety provider to check whether your entire system will adequately protect you in the event of a fire

Fire Blankets

While usually used in kitchens and laboratories, fire blankets can be very useful to stop the spread of small fires or when clothing has caught alight.  Fire blankets need to be easily accessed, and they must be replaced after use.

Exits and evacuation

If a fire starts, rather than allowing fear to take over, create a clear plan now and make sure your employees are trained how to put it into action.  Have multiple routes in the evacuation plan, and ensure employees have several possible exit points. Choose a safe spot well away from the building where employees can gather, and have a plan that works for all employees, regardless of physical ability.

Keep an evacuation map in a visible location,  and make sure exit points are well lit with green and white signage.

A little bit of fire preparation and planning can have a major impact on the safety of your employees.  If you think that any part of your fire plan is not as strong as it could be, or if you’re in need of fire extinguishers, sprinklers or fire blankets, Global Fire can look after all your fire safety needs. Talk to us on 1300 88 70 18 or email inquiries@globalfire.com.au.