While the threat of fire always exists, winter brings with it specific risks to fire safety. During the colder months, warmth and comfort come in the form of heaters and similar items. It’s no surprise then that in NSW, incidents of fires increase by 10% during winter.

Since fires can cause irreparable damage to property, lives and businesses, preparation is vital.

For building managers and business owners, that means being watchful while still keeping your sites warm. So, we’re sharing some simple tips to keep your premises safe in winter.

  • Heaters. Only have heating systems installed by qualified and trained professionals—Don’t DIY!

    Business owners or managers who permit the use of portable heaters at work should put simple guidelines in place. Have heaters at least one metre away from furniture and any combustible items in the workplace. Avoid having portable heaters plugged in powerpoints or powerboards that may be overloaded.

  • Designated smoking areas. The cold weather might mean building occupants who smoke will try to do this away from designated areas. Discarded cigarettes can pose a serious fire danger. So, reinforce your smoking policy and keep non-smoking areas (and your entire premises) safe.

  • Winter-proof fire evacuation procedure. The cold weather can bring added moisture to your surroundings. Check that your fire evacuation plans will work and be safe to follow even in winter. Conduct fire drills regularly, even during winter to be sure any issues are addressed.

  • Burns first aid. Be prepared and inform building occupants or staff on how to provide first aid for burns. Aim to cool the burn with running water, remove anything constricting the burn area (jewellery or clothing) and cover it with a non-stick dressing. If the injury involves electricity, severe pain or sensitive body parts, call 000 immediately.

    You can also check out this useful fact sheet on first aid for burns and scalds.

  • Fire safety system. Ensure your fire safety system is regularly serviced and that you have the appropriate level of fire protection for your premises. If you’re unsure, speak to a professional fire safety provider, like Global Fire.

For tips on keeping your home safe, check out this winter fire safety sheet.

Stay warm but safe during the colder months with our simple tips. And remember, in the event of a fire emergency call 000 immediately.

Are you looking for reliable fire safety service for your building not just in winter but year-round? Global Fire can help. Our experienced and qualified team understand all aspects of fire protection. Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, we know what it takes to keep it safe. Talk to us on 1300 88 70 18 or email inquiries@globalfire.com.au.