The amount of money spent doesn’t always equate to value gained. It’s true for consumer goods, but also for services. Plus, making smart decisions about how to use funds means investing more resources into growing your business.

But should you try to save costs on something as vital as fire protection? After all, lives and massive losses are on the line. Although you never want to cut corners when it comes to fire protection, there are areas where you can spend smart.

Here are five ways to reduce costs without sacrificing safety:

  • Find a digitally savvy provider

    Does your current fire safety provider rely heavily on paper-based forms and manual processes?

    That might not be a good sign. According to the World Bank, the rise of the internet has resulted in a decline in the use of paper, particularly in OECD countries (such as Australia).

    While this on its own is not an indication of poor service and bad value for money, it shows what growing businesses need to do. In fact, a study by SAP found that among companies who’ve embraced digital transformations, 80% enjoyed increased profitability.

    If you work with a progressive business, you’ll know you’ve made a stable fire safety investment and receive value for your money.

  • Shop around and negotiate a better deal

    As a guideline, your current provider would usually renew a contract with a 2-3% price increase annually. Could you get a lower rate by signing up for a longer contract? By signing a contract for three to five years, you could enjoy cost savings in the longer term.

    It’s also worthwhile to find out if you are getting the most value out of your service provider before deciding to commit long-term. However, be wary of rock-bottom priced deals. Price alone should not be your main criteria for selecting a fire service provider. This article lists a few essential services to look for in an ideal provider.

  • Understand what makes a real emergency

    The cost of repairs and callouts after-hours can be huge. If there is a fault in your system, assess whether it can wait until working hours resume. If the issue doesn’t need to be dealt with immediately or won’t affect other components of your fire protection system, it can wait.

    For repairs that aren’t urgent, take advantage of your next fire safety inspection to raise the issue. It helps if you know exactly when these inspections are due. So, find a fire safety provider that informs you of your next inspection dates well in advance.

  • Keep track of your assets

    It’s also prudent to know the components of your system. Like most high-value purchases, many of the elements in a fire safety system are covered by a warranty. Keep track of your fire safety assets so that if repairs are needed, you’ll know if that can be covered under warranty. Detailed and up-to-date reports from your fire safety provider will help you in this regard.

  • Avoid penalties

    Submitting your fire safety statements to the local council on time is an essential part of safety compliance. Plus, late submissions incur a hefty fine that grows each week you fail to lodge your statement. Keep an eye out for the date when your fire safety statement is due to avoid the penalties. Even better, work with a fire safety provider who reminds you (with plenty of notice) when your statement is due and what steps you need to take to submit it on time.

Savings on fire protection doesn’t need to cost your building and occupants’ safety. Follow these five steps to make a smart investment against severe fires.

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