(This article was updated on 15 January 2020)

Credentials count. That’s especially true when it comes to matters that you would never entrust with an unqualified operator – fire safety not least of all.

With industry bodies and the government further strengthening the regulations surrounding fire safety, now is a good time to review if you are entrusting work to the right professionals.

Here are three things to look out for:

  • Individuals holding FPAS accreditation
    In NSW, the state government has approved Fire Protection Association Australia’s accreditation scheme (FPAS) in line with the 2017 fire safety reforms. This recognition has been extended until 6 April 2020, following a request made by Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia). After this date, individuals holding FPAS Fire Safety Assessment (FSA) or Fire Systems Design (FSD) accreditation will be officially recognised as CFSPs under NSW legislation.

    There are two classes of accreditation currently recognised in NSW:

    • FPAS Fire System Design – This class accredits individuals who perform design activities relating to selected essential safety measures in the fire protection industry.
    • FPAS Fire Safety Assessment – this class accredits individuals who undertake an assessment of the performance capability of fire safety measures (FSMs) for the purpose of endorsing an annual or supplementary fire safety statement.

  • Individuals listed under relevant registers
    If you intend to simply check if your provider is recognised under the FSA accreditation listed above, you can access the Interim Fire Safety Assessor Register. The register lists all companies and individual practitioners in NSW who have demonstrated or declared specific requirements to FPA Australia. Those listed on the register will be formally accredited as CFSPs after 6 April 2020.

    You can also access the FSD National Register to view a list of persons currently holding Fire Systems Design accreditation.

  • Individuals who are CFSPs
    In locations where formal recognition of accreditation schemes are yet to be enforced, building owners and managers are encouraged to work with a competent fire safety practitioner (CFSP). Building owners and managers should request their fire safety provider to complete a record of opinion (see Appendix A in this document) to prove their competency, pending formalised accreditation.

    Our previous blog post on CFSPs covers much of the detail on how to identify a CFSP and what types of work must be completed by these professionals. You can view the article here.

Don’t leave your fire safety in the hands of unqualified practitioners. Make sure your fire safety provider has all the latest accreditation.

Are you looking for an accredited fire safety provider? Contact Global Fire. We’re a team of CFSPs working closely with qualified technicians. Our compliance with the latest essential codes and standards goes beyond regulatory requirements. We’re also certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801 standards. Talk to us on 1300 88 70 18 or email inquiries@globalfire.com.au.