These days technology has sped up many aspects of our lives. Your AFSS process should be no different. While it’s vital that the document indeed reflects the condition of your fire safety system, there are parts of the process that can be made more efficient, like the endorsement process.

Fortunately, there are online solutions that do just that. If your fire safety provider uses e-signatures in the endorsement step of completing your AFSS, then you’ll get to take advantage of a smoother, faster and more reliable process.

Here are three reasons why you should consider using digital signatures for your AFSS:

  • Convenience and speed

    The most obvious reason to look for e-signature option for validating your AFSS is convenience. Most e-signature applications allow you to sign documents using any internet-enabled device and not waiting for hard copy documents in the mail or needing to print documents to sign means a speedier process.

    Also, multiple fire safety measures call for several competent fire safety practitioners (CFSP) which can make things complicated when it comes to signing. This is where e-signatures work best. Multiple people can receive and simultaneously sign the statement with a completed version automatically sent to all signatories, including you. The speed is the same as sending and receiving emails: fewer roadblocks, more efficiency.

    At Global Fire, we strive to gather all the signatories of your AFSS, including third-party contractors. This saves you the time to chase different people for different fire measures. Not to mention you’ll save costs by avoiding third-party charges related to issuing a partial statement. Lastly, most councils only accept a single version of a completed AFSS. So, it pays to have a fire safety provider who will deliver a complete and comprehensive copy.

  • Security

    But does convenience compromise safety? Not when it comes to digitally signed documents. In fact, e-signed documents have a tamper-evident seal to ensure authenticity. It makes it a secure option that can’t be easily compromised.

    Plus, if your fire safety provider uses a reputable digital signature application, then you can be assured that they enforce strict industry-standard security practices. For example, we at Global Fire have partnered with Adobe Sign to handle AFSS signatures for our clients. Adobe Sign is a leading e-signature provider that uses certificate-based digital IDs to authenticate the signer’s identity.

    So, although it is a convenient option, digital signatures feature the highest level of security and are difficult to tamper with.

  • Integrity

    From 1 July 2020, only those accredited as CFSP can endorse essential fire safety measures in NSW. That means your AFSS must be signed by a person who is an accredited CFSP for it to be valid. As the government is slowly implementing new strict legislation, it is essential to obtain e-signatures to validate the identity of the person signing your statement.

    As mentioned above, the digital signature process ensures that only the intended signatory signs your document. If your fire safety provider uses a digital signature process, such as Adobe Sign, you’re assured of the document’s validity.

So, talk to your fire safety provider about using digital signatures. Not only do they speed up the AFSS process, but it’s also a safe and reliable way to obtain the endorsements you need.

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